You're Dino-Mite Jiggie Puzzle

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You're Dino-mite Don't be a saur loser. You bet Jurassican. Do-you-think-he-saurus? Open the door. Get on the Floor. Everybody walk the dinosaur. I dino what to tell ya. Jurrasic times call for Jurrasic measures, I'm not saur-ee. I never Saur it coming. I came, I saur. I conquered Without you. I'd be a nervous Rex. Boom boom akalacka boom boom. You're Raptorous. you make my heart saur. Have a rawring good day. You are RAWR-some. I totally dig you. You are Triceratops on my list. blue-dinosaur-shaped jigsaw puzzle. 10+ minute difficulty. 44 pieces Actual Finished Size in inches: 8"x 9" Puzzle/ Stocking Stuffer / Blue / Navy