DISPLAY: Peanuts - 3 cases (1) BBQ (1) HOT BBQ (1) Pickle

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Perfect way to showcase Rufus Teague's BBQ Peanuts. You get an easy to construct cardboard display that holds THREE cases (36 units). 12 - 9oz Rufus Teague BBQ Peanuts 12 - 9oz Rufus Teague HOT BBQ Peanuts 12 - 9oz Rufus Teague Dill Pickle Peanuts Display ships flat-packed. Assembled size 17.5" x 11.25" x 55.5" Way more interesting than chocolate or candy these amazing snacks are great any time of day. The perfect summer treat also makes a wonderful gift for fourth of july, fathers day, mothers day and even just a road trip. And the honey roasted sweetness or dill pickle goodness goes great on charcuterie boards alongside cheese!