Any Color You Like: Intro. To Colors-Children's Board Book

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Any color you like: an introduction to colors and rock & roll Any color you like is baby's first book about colors and rock and roll. The book features 11 vivid colors. Each different color is given its own double-page spread picturing the color occurring in nature, the home, and—of course—the world of rock and roll! The beautiful illustrations are done in a bright, nostalgic style giving them the authentic, vintage look of the classic-rock era. any color you like is a well-made board book that will survive the repeated readings and jam sessions that every rockin’ toddler will demand. This book is perfect for introducing little ones to the fabulous topic of colors as well as iconic rock and roll instruments and imagery. This baby book’s wide variety of bold illustrations, fun approach to learning, and sturdy board format are sure to delight parents and children alike.