Who We Are

Mountain Maryland Trading Post, born from a deep love for our hometown, is more than a store—it's a celebration of our heritage and a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines the “Mountain Side of Maryland”.

While we officially opened our brick-and-mortar doors in 2023, our journey began online, where we curated a collection that reflected the unique character of our community. The call of Cumberland was too strong to resist. We returned to the embrace of our hometown, yearning to contribute to ever-evolving Downtown Historic District.

Our shelves tell a story of local pride. We showcase the talents of our neighbors. Every product, from our handcrafted items to locally-inspired apparel and accessories, is a nod to the creativity flourishing in our midst. At “The Post”, you'll find more than goods—you'll discover a connection to the region's essence. Our commitment goes beyond commerce; we're dedicated to supporting local artists, businesses, and brands from the tri-state area. 

Our designs, crafted in-house, are a love letter to Cumberland. Featuring local landmarks, attractions, and sights, they're more than graphics—they're a piece of our story that we want to share with the world. As a family-owned and operated establishment, our passion for our hometown flows through everything we do, from the carefully selected products to the personalized touch of our designs.

Mountain Maryland Trading Post is more than a store; it's a bridge between our community and the world. We invite you to explore the history, the craftsmanship, and the genuine warmth that define us. Whether you're seeking unique handmade treasures, a taste of craft soda, or simply the embrace of our small-town charm, we welcome you to experience the spirit of Cumberland at Mountain Maryland Trading Post.